2013 Workshop with Lt Col Dr Graham Jones, MBE

On Sunday 28th September, Derby Concert Band descended upon the Nightingale Suite at Rolls Royce and were proud to host Lt Col Dr Graham Jones, MBE from Graham Jones Music Ltd for a day long workshop under Graham’s guidance.

Graham brought with him two pieces of music to work on, previously unseen by the band: En Halsingesagen, by Curt Larsson – a piece of music based on a Swedish folk song about a little girl’s close encounter with the Devil; Nocturn, by Graham himself – a piece written for the one he loves.  The band also gave Randy Edelman’s Reunion and Finale a good run for it’s money under Graham’s direction in preparation for it’s upcoming performances at Mansfield and Chesterfield.

The band had a great day with Graham, and have learnt some vital lessons and skills we hope to develop further in our own rehearsal time.

Many thanks to Steve Meakins, one of the band’s Tenor Sax players, for arranging the session with Graham, and to Steve’s wife and family for providing a stunning lunch for us all.


Hello Royal British Legion, Allestree!

Its been a long summer of hunting, with an incredible amount of effort from many in the band (thank you, you know who you all are!) to keep us rehearsing in temporary spaces, whilst also trying to find us a new home.  We can now finally confirm that we have landed somewhere!

Derby Concert Band have been thrilled to accept an offer from the Royal British Legion in Allestree to use their venue as a permanent home, and we are settling in nicely.  We are looking forward to a long lasting partnership with the Legion, and hope to bring them as much support as we can!

Derby Concert Band at The Royal British Legion, Allestree

Derby Concert Band at The Royal British Legion, Allestree