In review: Quiz night, with your host – Mr Siiiimon Wiiilllllliiiiis!

Quiz night, with your host – Mr Siiiimon Wiiilllllliiiiis! – Saturday 4th October, 2014

Nightingale Hall, Rolls Royce, Moor Lane, Derby, DE24 9HY

2014-QuizWithSimonWillis-iconWhat an unexpected turn out for our little quiz night!  When we’re running around with minutes to spare before the start of the first half to find additional tables and seating for the audience members, that really does say something about the popularity of the evening!

Taking a rather traditional ‘Pub Quiz’ theme, Cabaret table layout, and a very well stocked bar, Derby Concert Band embarked on a musical Quiz Night, featuring popular music from the worlds of TV, film, pop and traditional culture and encouraging audience participation throughout the night.  With their quiz sheets in hand, each of our quiz night audience teams eagerly awaited the start of our quiz.

The questions flew by thick and fast from our Quiz Master Mr Simon Willis, accompanied by supporting music.  With the dispatch of 633 Squadron, Tarzan, Game of Thrones Theme, The Da Vinci Code, Batman Theme (yes, the original Adam West one!), Come What May from Moulin Rouge, North and South,  Pirates of the Carribean, and then musical excerpts from 20 popular TV themes for the ‘Name that TV Show’ the first half was quickly over.  Although not before a not-inconsiderably-aged gentleman piped up that the theme from Dad’s Army (27th in the playlist so far!) is the first one he knew!

With a re-cap of our 20 TV themes, and prizes awarded for the winning team in that round, the Quiz Master quizzed and the band played on through Great Movie Marches, Band of Brothers, Police Academy, Saturday Night Fever, Harry Potter, Disney at the Movies, and finishing with An Irish Party in Third Class.

With the scores totted up, winners declared, and prizes of chocolate, free future concert tickets, and last but not least, cold hard cash, our audience departed, beaming.

We hope you all had as much fun as we did on the night.  We look forward to seeing you for our Remembrance concert on Sunday 9th November, and for Carols at Christmas on Saturday 13th December!

Review: Ben Marples, 6th October, 2014