The committee are dedicated to furthering the Derby Concert Band in all possible ways and put in a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure the band runs smoothly. The members of the committee and their positions are listed below.

Judy has played a variety of instruments throughout her life including playing the cello in her school orchestra many years ago. Judy has only been playing the saxophone for 7 years and her wind band experience started with Derby Concert Band’s Training Band and then progressed to Derby Concert Band in 2011. Judy has previously been a member of the committee and was responsible for the writing of the programmes. After a few years break from the committee she recently rejoined as secretary. When the previous Chair (Andrew Denton) stood down at the beginning of April 2017 Judy stepped up to the mark and offered to be the new Chair of the Committee and was voted in at the April 2017 Annual General Meeting.

The committee are:

  • Chair – Judy McCulloch
  • Treasurer – Rob McVey
  • Committee Secretary – Andrew Denton
  • Concert Manager – Christine Gaunt
  • Programmes – Alistair Walker
  • Comms to Band – Guy Freeman
  • General Members – Tony Gordon, Alex Mills-Bell, Martina Englefield, Steve Hill

Non-committee roles:

  • Musical Director – Simon Willis
  • Librarian – Emma Palmer
  • Archives – David Hooley
  • Website – Ben Marples
  • New member admin – Sophia Feret
  • Ticket printing – Rachel House
  • Ticket sales – Julia Pooley
  • Welfare Officer – Ruth Golton